Audiomob and Voodoo Announce Partnership

Audiomob and Voodoo Announce Partnership image
By Mariam Ahmad 10 July 2024

Audiomob have announced an exclusive partnership with Voodoo, a leading mobile apps and games publisher with more than 7 billion downloads worldwide. This deal marks a significant milestone in the mobile gaming industry, enhancing user experience while increasing developer revenues.

Under this partnership, Voodoo has selected Audiomob to become the exclusive audio partner for the top 50% of their inventory. This collaboration aims to integrate skippable and rewarded audio ads seamlessly into Voodoo's popular game titles, providing an enriched gaming experience that benefits both players and advertisers.

Partnership Overview

  1. Exclusive Partnership: long term exclusive agreement between Audiomob and Voodoo to provide audio ads in mobile gaming and apps 
  2. Most Popular Voodoo Games: Audiomob will serve as the sole audio ad provider for the top 50% of Voodoo Inventory
  3. Better User Experience: Voodoo will incorporate skippable and rewarded audio ads, offering players the choice to engage with ads without disrupting gameplay and earn in-game rewards.“

We are excited to partner with Voodoo, a pioneer in the mobile gaming space,” said Wilfrid Obeng, Co-founder of Audiomob. “This exclusive deal allows us to bring our cutting-edge audio ad technology to millions of players worldwide, enhancing their gaming experience while providing advertisers with a highly effective and engaging platform.”

Baptiste Durif, Lead Monetization Manager at Voodoo added, “Our decision to exclusively partner with Audiomob is a testament to their global footprint and the growth of in-app audio advertising formats. By integrating skippable and rewarded audio ads, we can offer a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience, while also providing a valuable opportunity for advertisers to connect with our vast player base.”

The integration of Audiomob's audio ads is expected to drive significant engagement and revenue growth, benefiting both companies and enhancing the overall player experience. This partnership represents a major step forward in the evolution of in-game advertising, setting a new standard for the industry.


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